Sometimes you need a sparky. Unfortunately. It’s good to be self-sufficient for all cabling and security installation appliances. But sometimes you need an electrician to add a power outlet or similar function. Sometimes you’re talking to a client about where to located their NVR and they want it in the garage, about a million miles away from an electrical outlet. So you say, “I’ve got an electrician I can recommend.” They respond, “Great, I need a good electrician. Do they do air conditioning as well…” Or similar.

It’s good to have a sparky on hand you can recommend. In our industry you get an uneasy feeling when you’re asked to recommend other trades and services. We value our reputation and inviting in a trade we don’t control can impact on us if we’re connected to them or have recommended them. I’ve stopped worry about that and now I just recommend South East Electrical

Gold Coast Based, Brisbane Services

They’re based on the Gold Coast but have vans in Brisbane every day. They’ve been around for decades, which has given the opportunity to cut their teeth on the Gold Coast and expand into Brisbane when they were ready for it. They now services all the way to Brisbane, including Logan, and all of the Gold Coast and Brisbane. 

All Electrical Services Including Air Conditioning

air conditioning unit fitted by SE Electrical

Okay, let’s ignore the fact that they do intercoms because that’s our business. They do all the electrical services you’d expect from a sparky. They also do emergency electrical work. And air conditioning.

Plenty of electrical companies want to get into air conditioning.  It makes sense. You need a sparky to fit-off an air conditioning unit. Some air-co companies ignore these for the sake of expediency. They fit it off themselves. Some air conditioning companies will call out a sparky (with an extra call out fee and labour fee for the client). South East Electrical can do all the fit off themselves. It’s also worth noting that they have ARCtick certified staff, who are proper certified air conditioning technicians. South East Electrical are fully licensed for all aspects of an air con installation. 

It’s worth adding here that they also have a dedicated air conditioning website

If You Need A Reliable Electrician

Give them a go. That’s all I can say.