This might seem a little off-topic for a home security company, but we want to give a big shout-out to our friends at Focal Point Landscape Maintenance. We installed four cameras for them recently and they were such great guys to deal with we couldn’t help but take an interest in their company. 

Hedge Trimming, Garden Care, Weeding And Spraying

They offer a bunch of landscape maintenance services. Hedge trimming, lawn mowing and garden care are always going to be very popular. They specialize in doing mostly bigger homes that require a standard of service not often available elsewhere. As you can see from the picture above (which is one of theirs) they don’t mind looking after the meticulous grooming of large gardens. 

We also work on these kind of properties. People with large properties like to be able to secure and monitor them. We know what people are like when they have large properties. They value the outlook they’ve purchased and want it maintained at a level that keeps it looking lovely. For this sort of thing we would recommend Focal Point Landscape Maintenance.

Garden Construction and Installation

synthetic turf

The other side of their business is the construction of retaining walls. And the installation of things like turf, fake turf, and irrigation systems. In the photo above you can see some synthetic turf that installed. This client of theirs had a problem spot out front of their house. Rather than have terrible looking grass they got Focal Point Landscape Maintenance in to install synthetic grass. 

They do great worth with irrigation systems also. I’ve tried installing my own irrigation systems in the past and I can tell you it’s something that professionals do better. It’s all fun trying to work some smart tech into it (turn it on and off via your smart phone? yes) but the problem is with the watering and the reliability. I seemed to be forever repairing it or cleaning up the sprayer nozels. Next time I’ll use Focal for sure.