Today there are a host of ways to secure your home with security cameras. You can walk into Bunnings and buy cameras, get a full recorder and camera set-up from Jaycar, or buy IP cameras on eBay. Or you can get a professional to install them for you.

I have to say, there are some exciting functions coming to the smart camera sphere. In terms of DIY they’re the best solution currently. They have great functionality they’re developing such as smart recognition systems and alerts. They’re miles ahead of the other DIY solutions but still have some big drawbacks and incur ongoing costs. And of course, I’m not here to discuss DIY solutions. So let’s move on.

Home Security Cameras Brisbane

If you’re looking for expert service in Brisbane, try our friends at Brisbane Security Alarm Systems. You’ll talk to Bob, a straight shooter who knows plenty about security cameras systems. His own home is protected with about 20 Dahua cameras. He tends to use great brands like Dahua or Korean-made cameras that are reliable and dependable. I’ve seen these cameras out in the rain, almost a decade old, still working flawlessly. 

Bob also uses analogue cameras where applicable. I live in a fully digital world so I know nothing about these analoge cameras. He says they present cost savings in some applications. He showed me one watching over a clinic’s car park. It was all that was needed for the application and provide a cost effective solution. I’d use IP cameras but have to boy to Bob’s knowledge on these analogue ones.

Gold Coast Too

We’ve worked with the guys at TES Gold Coast many times. They’re a two-man team that quotes, installs, and maintains all systems themselves. For instance, they do all the data cabling themselves, so they have total quality control over the entire installation. It’s not many security companies that do. 

They buy the cameras and recorders through a local Gold Coast supplier. This means that you’re totally covered by local companies, and spaces and warranties are a breeze. 

Dallas at TES is a great guy to deal with. If you’re on the Goldy and looking to get cameras installed, you should give him a go.