How To Find The Highest Paying Wrecked Car Buyers In Melbourne?


It’s a fact that selling old, damaged, and the wrecked car is quite challenging because no one accepts car in unwanted condition. That’s why; most car owners keep their useless cars in car yard instead of selling them. But, you should know that your useless car carries important and you can sell it at good […]

An Electrician For Gold Coast & Brisbane

electrical tip from South East Elertrical

Sometimes you need a sparky. Unfortunately. It’s good to be self-sufficient for all cabling and security installation appliances. But sometimes you need an electrician to add a power outlet or similar function. Sometimes you’re talking to a client about where to located their NVR and they want it in the garage, about a million miles […]

Garden Maintenance

garden maintenance

This might seem a little off-topic for a home security company, but we want to give a big shout-out to our friends at Focal Point Landscape Maintenance. We installed four cameras for them recently and they were such great guys to deal with we couldn’t help but take an interest in their company.  Hedge Trimming, […]

Home Security Cameras

brisbane home security cctv systems

Today there are a host of ways to secure your home with security cameras. You can walk into Bunnings and buy cameras, get a full recorder and camera set-up from Jaycar, or buy IP cameras on eBay. Or you can get a professional to install them for you. I have to say, there are some […]

Intercom Repairs Brisbane

video intercom system

When it comes to intercom repairs Brisbane has a leading provider in TES. With a long history of installing intercoms and maintaining and repairing intercoms, they are well placed to help you with your intercom repairs. Home Smart Security is the Brisbane website of TES Gold Coast. As we expanded into Brisbane we felt we […]